Heritage – listing references and documents related to development plans

This post is a place where I have been dropping references about listing or relant to preservation of heritage assets as I find them. Please feel free to add comment or references that are relevant. It is unclear who wrote the listing documents – I have not found this information yet.

A listing document about the site as a whole – It is noteworthy that RAF stations are not recognised as battlefields, as the historians seem fixated on more ancient history rather than our more recent existential fight with the Nazis. RAF North Luffenham took enemy fire being bombed twice and also many men paid the ultimate sacrifice in operations or in training, for a common cause and set of beliefs. That is a battlefield. We are at risk of losing our contemporary heritage. We should recognise that. https://www.heritagegateway.org.uk/Gateway/Results_Single.aspx?uid=1421982&resourceID=7

A listing attempt and judgment on the Officers’ Mess – where the entry failed to have any depth of input. Hence Historic England stated that nothing nationally significant was conducted from this building – that is not accurate. https://www.heritagegateway.org.uk/Gateway/Results_Single.aspx?uid=1465339&resourceID=7

It is not accurate – see this post on the Officers’ Mess. http://www.rafnorthluffenhamheritage.me.uk/?tag=officers-mess

while not a product from Historic England – when the first St Georges Barracks Masterplan (not really a master plan more of a lack of imagination plan!) was produced – a statement of historical significance was produced by RegenCo. The detail in the historic component does not recognise the role of North Luffenham in the Battle of the Atlantic. 1000 bomber raids or preparation for D Day. file:///C:/Users/garet/Downloads/SGB4%20-St%20George’s%20Barracks%20Statement%20of%20Historic%20Significance%20(September%202018)(2).pdf

Historic England’s guidance to departments disposing of heritage assets is here. file:///C:/Users/garet/Downloads/Guidance%20on%20disposals%20final%20June%202010.pdf

This guidance suggests steps to be taken before planning applications are submitted and the need to counsult with planning authorites and the relevant herutage body. Further work is required to see what ‘test’ should be passed before demolishment etc.

The guidance provides good practice and advice such as – ‘Large historic sites should be considered as a whole’. The disposal of large sites should be handled hostically to avoid isolating heritage assets and potentially damaging their setting. The plan to reduce the Officers’ Mess to rubble and build houses does not meet this guidance at all.

There is specifc guidance at Para 8.6 where the breakup of heritage sites can damage their integrity. MOD is ‘picking off’ the most profitable asset in isolation to the main site ( see para 8.6 about packagaing of disposals). This is not in accordance with the principles etsablished in the Guide.

Additional Historic England references on listing and decisions

Thor missile complex – Listed Grade II


In 2021 an application to additionally designate the site as a Scheduled Monument was declined for the reasons published at the link below:


Parallel to this an application was processed to list the two J-Type hangars at the former RAF North Luffenham. It was ultimately determined not to list these for the reasons published at the link below: https://www.heritagegateway.org.uk/Gateway/Results_Single.aspx?uid=1477254&resourceID=7

RAF North Luffenham Bloodhound Control Post https://www.heritagegateway.org.uk/Gateway/Results_Single.aspx?uid=1421982&resourceID=7

Listing for RAF Scampton Officers’ Mess – approved in 2023. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1486279?section=official-list-entry

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